The minimum sign up period is 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks it is then up to the client to decide whether they would like to continue or leave. Once you complete an initial 12 weeks, you are not under any obligation to stay. The 12 weeks is to ensure you really get to take something substantial away and have learned new habits and some more about training and nutrition so that you are comfortable and confident on your own.
100%. Every plan is tailored to the individual. I provide calorie and macro targets for those who track to help them towards their goals and food diaries for those where tracking is not suitable or for when clients move away from tracking. I will never dictate what you eat but only give guidelines to ensure your diet is varied and nutritious and foods you enjoy.
Pretty much a lot. Weekly check-ins will be where you reflect on the week and changes are made if needed. The weekly check-ins are a really great chance for reflection and really highlighting any issues or challenges in the week gone by. Whatsapp is a main means of communication aside from the check-ins. It’s where we get to speak on a regular basis and easy to use for when you have quick questions to send to me.
I will never force someone into a gym, however if there is gym nevers and fear, that is very normal and something the majority of clients experience when they first start. You will however have a detailed training plan that will show you what to do each training day, the order to do it in, the exercises, sets, rep ranges, rest periods alongside written descriptions and video demos of each exercise so you are covered if you are unsure of anything.
Of course you can. All movement is beneficial and you don’t need a gym. That said, if you aim to train from home, I would have soe basic equipment such as some dumbbells, long resistance bands and anything else that you can get. If you intend to workout from home for a long time period, I would look to invest in some equipment as you will get stronger overtime and cap out with the 1 size pair of dumbbells you have. Starting from home can be a great feeder into getting into the gym. Spend some weeks following a home program so you get used to the routine of training, take form videos that I can help you out with and learn the exercises. From there transitioning to a gym is much less daunting and works well for people starting off.
No you do not. Tracking is not for everyone and different methods suit different people. If you have never tracked before it can be a good way to learn about portion sizes and nutrition in general. Tracking does take a while to get used to and will require some effort and energy to start but it becomes super easy. I take a flexible approach with tracking where many times, clients will have completely unracked days and we make sure that if there are days you don’t want to track or can't track for whatever reason that you can still be mindful of nutrition and healthy habits. If you have struggled with myfitnesspal in the past, tracking may not be for you and we will use alternative methods to help you reach your goal.
Payment occurs monthly. The date you make your first payment will be the date you pay each month. There are no sign up fees. No deposit needed.
I can’t stress enough how this is not your generic 6-8 week plan you may have followed before. I always intend for this to be a lifestyle change. You could be going on holidays your very first week and it does not matter. These 12 weeks should be a representation of your actual life. Meals out, drinks, social occasions, stress etc are all part of day to day lives. This 12 weeks at a miniimu is to help you live your life in a healthy way. I do not want anyone to give up anything over the 12 weeks. It's not about how long you can go without a takeaway or alcohol. Its about how you can learn to incorporate these things in moderation while making progress.
No. If this is your sole goal, then taking a weight neutral body neutral approach may be best for you. Where body physical changes are irrelevant. Working on fear foods, trigger foods, your body image and mindset do not require a calories deficit. IF anything, being in a calorie deficit may make these goals a little harder to achieve. You can of course improve mindset and body image while being in a deficit, especially as my approach to coaching fosters compassion as a key element, however, this will depend on where you are at and what your key goal right now is. I will help you with this.
Toning up is your muscle:fat ratio. More than likely you need to build muscle which is where resistance training comes into play. When you build muscle and then drop body fat, you will then achieve the look that I know is in your head. Toning does not come from cardio or using light weights. It comes from training consistently and hard and eating sufficient calories and protein while also having sleep, rest and recovery all as priorities also. Once you have muscle built, you will then through dieting be able to show the muscle built. I will of course help you with all of these.
How much does this mean to you? There will ALWAYS be things that stop you from getting some support for your goals whether it's work commitments, family commitments, life in general. You will have to commit time each week to training, planning meals etc. It won't happen just by signing up. I know that incorporating training into your life might seem impossible because every hour of your day is already filled. But its possible, And my job is to show you that you’re more than capable of having a successful career and being fit and healthy in the process. If anything, it may be that you need to break away from work a bit more (are you a workaholic or working from home?). I will teach you how to be more prepared, organized and work with your schedule and your life, no one else's.
This will completely depend on the individual and the goal. Someone who is completely new to training and nutrition will need more time to adapt to a plan than someone who has more experience with training and nutrition. Learning about training splits, mew exercises and macros really does take time. Many people underestimate it in my experience of how long it does take or can take to find your feet. Depending on the goal of fat-loss, building muscle or repairing your relationship with food again are all very different and so can have very different time frames to see results. Can you achieve astounding weight loss in 12 weeks? Yes. Can you see astounding muscle building in 12 weeks. It depends on the person. Can you see a transformation to your relationship with food in 12 weeks? Depending on your present perception of food and past relationship, this will depend and 12 weeks may only scratch the surface. I will always be honest and if you want to know more about any of these goals, get in touch, book a call and we can chat through it all.
No. Payments are just made monthly so there is no pressure of an upfront payment.
Nope. There is zero sign up fee and you will only be changed once you officially have your plan and you start.
No it does not. The aim of EMBODY YOU is to shift the perspective away from pure body composition goals to focusing your mindset, building a more positive idset and self, repairing your relationship with food, working on emotional regulation, self awareness and improving body composition. A training plan is still provided where we will place more of an emphasis on health, as movement is key to health alongside building muscle being fundamental for bone mineral density and the risk of metabolic disease. Fatloss may come as a byproduct of all the additional work we do together, the same with building muscle. Down the line, the longer we work together, overcome limiting beliefs and work on you being truly happy and content, then we can work towards other goals as you desire. Aligning your actions with your values will always be key and ‘EMBODY-YOU’ is about digging into those values and seeing what truly matters to you”

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