01 May

Stalling Doesn’t Help Achieve Your Goals

You have goals, be they life goals, personal goal, fitness goals, mindset goals,

And they are all valid. 

Yet you are stalling the ball, kicking the can down the road and making up a million reasons as to why you cannot start. 

We fear failure and so we fear taking the leap in making change,

Because it is uncomfortable and it means we have to feel the fear. 

I get it. Past diets that failed you, gave you a quick weight drop but alas you regained that weight because carbs are just too good to abandon, and running yourself into the ground is not fun.

I promise it can be different. 

Each day you make an excuse, you tell yourself you’re not good rough or that starting is harder than not starting, you just prolong your unhappiness, you prolong the feeling of inadequacy, and leave yourself stuck in a rut. 

What if you took the leap. 

Asked for support and started. What if you gave yourself the opportunity to excel, be you, unapologetically you, begin to trust yourself, live your life to the fullest, stop being your own worst critic. 

All of that is possible if you allow yourself too. It takes time but it all starts with one step and that is starting.

You don’t need the perfect time (it doesn’t exist), you don’t need all your ducks in a row. 

You just need to be willing to change, be willing to be uncomfortable for a time and willing to work on you. 

If you give yourself a chance, you can get out of being stuck in a rut and be a happier and more fulfilled you. 


You Never Know What Lies Ahead

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