It has actually completely changed my entire lifestyle for the better.

“This journey has completely changed my whole mindset towards fitness and nutrition. It has actually completely changed my entire lifestyle for the better. My journey has taught me how to eat and enjoy everything I like without guilt. It has given me structure to a life that I struggled to put structure to for so long. It has given me happiness in the results I have achieved. It has given me a purpose in a time where I have found it so hard to find one. It has given me motivation and strength to be the best version of myself and it has taught me to be proud of myself for even the little things I achieve on a daily basis. I could not in a million years find a more dedicated and supportive coach.”

I love my body.

I have never said this before but in my last check in I told Grainne that I loved my body and I NEVER thought I would think let alone say this. I don’t love it because I have dropped some weight or the measuring tape showed me a lower number. I love it because it supported me through a terribly stressful 3 months and I returned the favour by looking after it with Grainnes help. To be a client of Grainnes means you have a partner in crime, someone who rides the highs and lows and I guarantee you she will be your biggest cheerleader. “


My entire mindset has changed and I love it!

“I honestly really enjoyed my time on the programme! When I started I really felt lost when it came to going to the gym. I honestly believed that I could go in and do whatever workouts and go home again while eating as little as possible and that would be the way for me to tone up but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I now know the importance of having a training plan and to consistently apply progressive overload and I honestly love it! It’s so amazing every week to watch myself get stronger and let the weight and the reps build. It’s honestly crazy how strong I have gotten mentally and physically over the past 12 weeks! When it comes to nutrition as well I love being able to eat whatever I want on the day I honestly can’t say I have deprived myself of anything over the last 12 weeks I just try to make more conscious decisions for meals and again I love how much better I feel in myself eating healthier! I just have to say thank you for that because the support and guidance you have given me really has changed my whole perspective on what a “healthy” lifestyle really is and I’m so grateful for that. My entire mindset has changed and I love it!”

Now, as I am getting stronger and leaner, I feel like I can take on the world.

“My journey was full of highs and lows. I didn’t know what I was doing, you were my constant. You broke everything down for me, you replied to my texts within minutes and you were there to pick me up when I felt like I hadn’t had a great week. The last 12 weeks have been so interesting – I feel like I’ve learned so much about food, training etc. Grainne you have made me see my body for what it is – fucking incredible. And I am only getting started.
It’s so liberating to finally not care what other people think. And it’s all because of you! I used to hate my body. Now, as I am getting stronger and leaner, I feel like I can take on the world. You are always in such a good mood too – plus it helps that you’re the nicest girl ever.”

Can honestly say it is one of the best if not the best thing I have ever done for myself and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to do it with.

“Can honestly say it is one of the best if not the best thing I have ever done for myself and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to do it with. From literally not knowing the first thing about the gym, nutrition, calories you have made it so easy and enjoyable to learn. I have never been with a coach as I would have always thought I could do it myself but 100% you need one especially starting off. The investment is so worth it. The amount I have learned from you in just three months is crazy!! I actually don’t know where those three months went!! I’ve definitely changed both physically and mentally and if I had known I’d feel this good from being with you I would have done it sooner. You have so much knowledge about literally everything anything I asked you about you knew and were so helpful. Especially with the gym the videos and guidance you give me is unreal. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Even from the messages you get back so quick no matter what day or time it is and there always so informative and helpful you literally have it answered for me straight away. Online coaching is 100% the best thing I have done in 2021. I was so worried starting off first thinking is it worth it if it’s online but with you it’s like having you there with me?” You’re genuinely like a friend to me. I could literally say anything to you and you would be there at the other side of the phone knowing when I need that extra push or knowing exactly what I need before I even know myself. I cant thank you enough for what you have done for me, my confidence, physical and mental health has just come on leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for everything and looking forward to continuing to work with you xx”

“The best present I’ve ever bought myself was investing in this challenge.

“The best present I’ve ever bought myself was investing in this challenge. I was on the fence about it and I texted Grainne I don’t know how many times; nearly hoping for her to be like ‘hey, here’s your kick up the arse to get this party movin’. She never said that, but she always encouraged me. Even before I was her client. She always believed in me, more so than I ever did. She saw my potential when I didn’t see any. And she put the work in when I didn’t even think I was deserving. She changed me, in a way I didn’t think possible. She has been an angel, an angel I didn’t even think I needed but I absolutely did. I came looking for a physical change and left being physically and mentally reformed; for the better. Above all, I came for a coach and left with a friend. You know that saying about how some people come into your life and teach you things you didn’t think you needed to learn? Well, that’s how I would describe my experience as a client of Coached by G. Life changing . Liberating. And, exactly what I needed.
From the bottom of my heart; thank you Grainne. You’re an angel. Don’t ever forget that x “

My mindset has completely changed, food is not a burden in my life anymore.

“ I loved the journey. I started off with Grainne 12 weeks ago as an anxious girl, who didn’t know what to do in the gym, who had tried and tried to get into exercise but kept failing.
I had tried different plans that led to very disordered eating and thinking I need to be in a 1400 calorie eating range at all times.
Grainne slowly changed my mindset. I tracked my food on my fitness pal and it took me a few weeks to completely change to a higher calorie range.
I now have such an awareness of what food is best to eat in terms of nutritional value and that it’s okay to incorporate treats into the week.
I get excited to try new foods and cook different dishes now 😋
My mindset has completely changed, food is not a burden in my life anymore and I have an added confidence in going to the gym now and overall happier in life. “

“I can only describe it as a life changing experience !

“I can only describe it as a life changing experience ! Up until I started with Grainne I was absolutely miserable trying fad diets, absolutely starving most of the time ! I had an idea in my head that if I wanted to lose weight I was going to have to cut out everything I loved including my chocolate which I learned was not the case ! I now know a lot more about food and good nutrition which I will have with me for life! In the last 12 weeks I have gained confidence I never in my life thought I would have! Literally just having the confidence to wear clothes I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting on me before ! And the fact that you gave me the push to join the gym I literally couldn’t be more happy about because it’s something I absolutely love now. Before I started coaching I would have died at the thought of entering a gym and now I just love it !! My biggest achievement so far has to be actually learning about food which was a major problem for me between bingeing and then starving myself because I was feeling guilty and that whole viscous cycle and feeling like crap and just not knowing about balance and moderation it’s honestly changed my mindset so much but also made me so much happier and not hating myself after eating a chocolate bar thinking that it was so bad for me! I could not thank you enough for all the help you have given me in the last 12 weeks. You have no idea how much this has literally changed my life and made me such a happier healthier confident person!”