25 Mar

The Truth About Fat Loss – Is there a Secret Ingredient?

Fat Loss – the process by which you lose bodyfat. 

It can be seamless and easy, however it can also be tough, difficult for some and quite intense. 

Depending on how you have tried to achieve fat loss before, your mind may spin when you hear the word ‘diet’. Previously you may have had restrictions (no carb keto die), syning all your food (SW), having points (WW), living off detox teas and cleanses (spending the day on the toilet). With any of those comes the fear of dieting, almost like its a dirty word, a process that will inevitably make you miserable but that is NOT the case. 

Fatloss can be done in  a way that is healthy, inclusive and sustainable. 

I know right – shocking.  

I will never sell someone a dream, a quick fix and a fast route. Sorry, you need to do the work, engage in the process and take your time. 

Particularly if you want it to actually work. 

What do I mean by work? 

As you sit there thinking, “But SW worked, I lost 10 pounds”, “That skinny tea really worked, I lost 20 pounds”.

So you lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds. Great. How long did you keep it off for? 

Did you maintain that weight loss or have you gained it back plus some? 

You feel triggered now because you have pumped so much money into these groups and products to only be let down and left back at square one without additional knowledge about your body, mind or nutrition. 

I’m sorry. 

But the truth is, fat loss takes time. It is a process where so much has to be factored in and I don’t just mean your current weight, height and age to calculate your calories. I mean we need to look at your life, how best to achieve this goal, what suits you and what does not suit you, how many barriers are there in front of you that we need to slowly remove.

Fatloss has its ups and downs. With the great weeks come the hard weeks, with the good days comes the crappy days and that’s just it. 

I’m not telling a lie or selling you a dream because it takes time, effort, commitment and perseverance through obstacles. 

But it’s doable and what’s better is when fat loss is done in a compassionate way, in a way that embodies YOU, that focuses on YOU from start to end, that places YOU and how YOU feel and the centre. 

That is powerful. That is they key to fat loss. 

That is when change happens. 

So no, there is no secret. No quick fix, no button to press. 

Just you believing in the process, trusting in yourself and seeking support and guidance along the way.


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