08 Jul

You’re Just Winging It

Tell me how long.

Tell me how long you have been following random workouts and random diets and every Monday is this ‘fresh new thing’.

Look I get it. 

You are trying so hard to make a change, you are exercising and you’re trying your best to be ‘healthy’ and find what works best,

But you’re missing something key, something you have overlooked in all these different training plans and food plans. 

Structure !!!

At the start winging it in the gym can work, legit it can. If you’re new, something and anything can work. It may not be optimal, but to begin it will work.

The issue is that as time goes on, the efficacy and efficiency of randomness go down and you just start spinning your wheels. 

So you begin this new diet, you begin going into the gym hopping onto whatever machine is free, doing whatever it is you fancy that day. 

Don’t want to do squats? so you go for something else. 

Don’t feel like putting yourself through lunges? You jump onto the leg curl.

Don’t fancy following your over-restrictive plan on Friday? Cool, you chuck it out and start again Monday. 

The issue with all of this, well actually there are a couple of issues, but you’re limiting your own progress, you will lose motivation very easy and you’re setting yourself up to continue to fail because you’re not giving yourself time to let anything work. 

If you just stopped right now and put it into perspective how much time, energy and money you have spent jumping from plan to plan, diet to diet with zero structure, you might begin to see it hasn’t got you as far as you COULD be with a structured plan.

Maybe you do like random and it lights you up. 

But if you’re sick of it, fed up of never changing and never progressing, then it’s time to ditch the randomness right now and get yourself a plan and solid support.

Reach out if structure and support is what you need. I’ve got you covered here at COACHEDBYG. Sign Up Below 

If there is anything you want to add to this, pleasee leave a comment below. I’d love to know your thougths! 

What scares you the most about having some structure? Food for thought 😉


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